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Daniel Garcia Is ‘Under Agreement’ With All Elite Wrestling, Tony Khan Praises Work With 2point0

Fans should expect to see a lot more of Daniel Garcia in an All Elite Wrestling ring.

Buffalo-based wrestler Daniel Garcia, who main evented Friday’s episode of AEW Rampage against Jon Moxley, is under an agreement with AEW. Spectrum Sports’ Jon Alba asked about the status of Garcia during a post-show media call, and Tony Khan confirmed Garcia had an agreement before praising his recent work with the company.

“Daniel Garcia is doing awesome, he’s done tremendous work for us and he’s been involved in some really important matches. It’s been great to have a fresh, young heel who can come in and immediately get thrown into the fire and succeed and really come through for us in these situations,” Khan said.

“He is under an agreement,” Khan added, “and I think he can do a lot more things and really shine for us in the future, and really stay with us for a long time, hopefully. Daniel Garcia is doing great work and he had a great match with Moxley tonight in the main event match of the show.”

Khan did not go into detail about terms of Garcia’s deal with the company. CM Punk, who joined Khan on the call, noted that Garcia is only 22 years old and expressed his excitement at his upside. Khan then said Garcia has come a long way since he was in a serious car accident and broke both of his legs, and spoke highly of the new trio of Garcia and 2point0.

“He’s really worked his ass off to get where he’s at and he’s a kid that came through on AEW Dark and had some really good matches. 2point0 had come available as free agents and I really wanted to do a trios match with Darby [Allin], Eddie [Kingston] and [Jon Moxley]. I thought it’d be cool to have those guys out there together with Sting and it just so happened that Garcia was probably the freshest young face on AEW Dark,” Khan explained. “2point0 had been a really good tag team, I thought, on NXT and on the independents, so that made a lot of sense to me as a trio. They just hit home run after home run with Sting and Darby and tonight with Moxley and Eddie.”

Garcia made his AEW debut on the September 22, 2020 episode of Dark, teaming with Kevin Blackwood in a loss to Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss. He’s had nine matches in total for AEW, and made his Dynamite in-ring debut on the “Homecoming” show on August 4.

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Garcia spoke with WrestleZone last year about his work in Limitless Wrestling as well as his relationship with The Butcher And The Blade.

“I think a lot of times when you have a lot of people from the same area, they might have interacted here and there, maybe wrestled a match or trained together once or twice. In Buffalo, it’s completely different. Butcher and Blade, people think we’re from the same area and we talked once or twice—no, those two dudes are some of my best friends. I talk to them almost every single day in a group chat, the Buffalo guys, Kevin Bennett, Kevin Blackwood, Puf, and The Butcher and The Blade.”

“Pepper Parks is one of my original trainers, he’s my OG. Andy [Butcher] has been a great influence in my life, so it was really cool to wrestle them on such a big stage. I’ve wrestled them a couple of times before, but just to do it at AEW and see them in the main event and getting opportunities wrestling Jon Moxley, just on national television every week is crazy to me. Especially with someone like Pepper Parks who has been in the business for twenty years just grinding, hustling, and not getting any opportunities. For it to pay off for him in the past couple of years, and for Andy to be semi-new in the world of professional wrestling—he’s only been training for about five years—and to see how far he’s been able to take this in a short amount of time, it’s inspiring.”

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