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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

CM Punk Attacked By 2point0 And Daniel Garcia, Sting Won’t Be In Darby Allin’s Corner At All Out

CM Punk just got himself a TASTE.

CM Punk was on this week’s episode of Dynamite to speak to the crowd, but ultimately got more than he bargained for from his apparent allies and adversaries. Punk came to the ring and said he’s looking at Sunday realistically, and this could end just as quickly as his return happened. He said despite that, he’s going to promise to give his all every time he steps in the ring—and then Punk gets ambushed by 2point0 and Daniel Garcia.

Garcia unloads on Punk with forearm shots, but Darby Allin and Sting head to the ring and make the save. Punk connects with some mounted punches on Jeff Parker in the corner, then all three men hit their finishers, with Punk connecting on a GTS to Parker. Before it’s all said and done, Punk and Darby stare each other down, then Punk throws Parker out of the ring and tells Sting to take the floor.

Sting says it felt good to see what just unfolded and they all have the same goal, they want to see Punk vs. Darby happen on Sunday. Sting also says in clearing traffic, he’s removing himself from the match at All Out, and he’ll simply fist bump Darby now and leave. Sting leaves, then Punk and Darby stare each other down before Darby leaves the ring.

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Check out highlights from AEW Dynamite below: