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Greg Valentine Discusses Lex Luger’s Rough WWE Run And Why Timing Is Everything

Former professional wrestler and legendary figure in the sport Greg Valentine recently spoke with Title Match Wrestling about a variety of things, including Lex Luger. Valentine touched on the iconic superstar, and why his time in WWE wasn’t as big as they would have liked.

“I only wrestled him one time. Saturday nights, whatever it was…and they want me to put him over I said, sure, but I could do it in a way that wouldn’t make me look bad,” Valentine said. “So they let me do my own finish, and I enjoyed it. Once again, it’s timing. It’s like the Road Warriors going up there and didn’t do as big as you think. And Lex Luger, to kind of put the whole thing behind Lex and…the Lex Express, I tell you right now, you know, Vince was losing money, and I’m not saying this is Lex Luger’s fault.”

Valentine then talked about how timing is so important, not only in life but in the world of professional wrestling, and how the timing just didn’t pan out for Luger in the world of WWE.

“But once again, timing. Timing is such a big thing in the world period, especially on pro wrestling is timing, your timing in the ring, your timing to get a push,” said Valentine. “Just the wrong time for Lex and it was the wrong time really, for the Road Warriors. Sometimes you can’t reinvent yourself and outdo yourself and they got so big in WCW, they couldn’t follow in WWF. I think that was Luger’s problem, too.

“He gets so big and gets so high up there, and then he just kind of hover. You know, you don’t want to hover, you want to break through the glass and do something and draw some friggin money.”

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