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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Season of Punk Content Update Announced For AEW Elite GM, Several Wrestlers Added To The Game

During the latest AEW 2.Show, Aubrey Edwards announced that a new content update is be coming to the AEW Elite General Manager game, and it will include the arrival of a very popular star.

Among a long list of things coming to the game, AEW Elite GM will see CM Punk added into the game with its new roster update, and the first seasonal content of the game will be themed after him, as the Season of Punk will launch on September 14, pending Apple approval. This update will include a Punk avatar, a new skin and a new finisher, along with five fresh accessories,and four added emotes.

Alongside the news of Punk joining the game, new art for the highly anticipated All Elite Wrestling console game was shown off as well, displaying Jungle Boy in a variety of poses and actions.

For the full recap of what’s coming both in AEW Elite GM and in the AEW Console Game, make sure to check out the new episode of AEW 2.Show below:

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