jake atlas
Photo Credit: WWE

Jake Atlas Is Hitting The Ground Running With Free Agency: ‘I’m Not Playing Around’

Jake Atlas says he’s got big plans and hopes that fans will follow him on his journey in professional wrestling.

Jake Atlas recently spoke with Denise Salcedo for Instinct Culture and spoke about how he’s approaching free agency. Released by WWE in August, Atlas said he’s not wasting any time and has a plan for his future, which people will start to see unfold soon.

“I feel excited that it’s all out. I think just, as soon as everything went down on the sixth of August [released from WWE], I just started moving and I got connected with a lot of people. And I’m very grateful to have made so many connections within wrestling and in really the short amount of time that I was on the independent scene, just being able to create the connections to be able to hit the ground running right off the bat, as soon as my non-compete was over. And I’m just ecstatic, I’m ecstatic that people can see that I’m not playing around. I’m wasn’t twiddling my thumbs and just expecting something I happen. I knew all along there is a plan,” Atlas said. “There is a plan and it’s all going to unravel slowly. I want people, the new fans that I’ve made because WWE is, to a whole, it’s a big audience, I wanna grab those fans and be like, ‘Come with me, come on this journey and look at what is there to offer.’

“New Japan was somewhere that I didn’t get to do before I signed with WWE so I’m definitely looking to doing that. And then Ring of Honor, actually the one appearance I did was two years ago in September for the same pay-per-view when I already knew that I was heading to WWE,” he explained, “so it’s all kind of full circle and I’m really excited that people are starting to see what I’m gonna be doing so that they can also be excited and hopefully attend the shows.”

Atlas said he’s interested in going to All Elite Wrestling as well, but hasn’t had any conversations with Tony Khan at this point. He then shared how he went to a recent show to watch his friend, Jungle Boy, compete on the card but did it in “incognito” mode.

“I actually went incognito to watch Jungle Boy wrestle Chris Jericho when I was working [with WWE], it was in Jacksonville, so I took the drive up… he’s like a brother to me and I am excited to see what can happen in the future,” Atlas said. “Jungle Boy is someone who I am always going to respect and love and I am always gonna root for him whether we’re in the same company or we never wrestle again. He’s doing amazing things and I know that no matter what I decide to do, in wrestling or not in wrestling, he’s going to continue to support me.”

Atlas will be in action against Tyler Rust at Ring Of Honor’s Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view on Sunday, September 12. He’s also advertised for NJPW Showdown in October, which takes place at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.