cody rhodes
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Cody Rhodes Returns, Saves Rosario Dawson From Malakai Black

Cody Rhodes returned to the world of All Elite Wrestling on this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, where he interrupted Malakai Black just in time to save actress Rosario Dawson.

Black made his way down to the ring during tonight’s show, where he promptly said that there was an enemy amongst the crowd, before the camera cut to Dawson, who was wearing a Nightmare Family sweatshirt. Black said that she was wearing the “colors of the enemy,” before he stepped out of the ring to confront her.

Rhodes arrived just in time to save his fellow celebrity judge on “The Go-Big Show”, as he came down through the crowd and appearing for the first time since he suffered a brutal defeat the hands of Black on the August 4 episode of Dynamite. The distraction caused Black to turn in the direction of Rhodes, allowing Dawson to surprise the menacing star by jumping the security rails and leaping onto his back.

As Black shrugged off Dawson, Rhodes came running down and began brawling with his rival, with the fight spilling up the stairs through the crowd. The two men began to throw food at each other before the show cut to a break. Black and Rhodes will clash in a heated rematch next week on AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam.

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