GCW Highest in the Room
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GCW: Highest In The Room Results (9/17/21)

On September 17, Game Changer Wrestling presented its “Highest in the Room” show; the event feature a first-time clash between Jonathan Gresham and dMinoru Suzuki and a grude match between Tony Deppen and comedian Ron Funches.

GCW: Highest in the Room Results:

Eli Everfly vs. ASF vs. Gringo Loco vs. Arez vs. Everett Connors vs. Jimmy Lloyd

All six-men exchange fast-paced offense in a chaotic beginning to the match. Loco and Arez showcase their lucha libre skills, in particular. ASF takes Loco down with a hurricanrana. Arez drops ASF with a backbreaker and launches him into Connors. Lloyd trades blows with Arez. Connors superkicks Ares. Lloyd drills Arez with a knee to the face, and Loco takes control by slamming ASF before he dives into Lloyd and Conners at ringside.

Arez hits Everfly with a Spanish Fly onto their opponents at ringside. He superkicks ASF, who shockingly rolls him up for the victory.

Winner: ASF

2 Cold Scorpio vs. Effy

Scorpio  and Effy get in a dance-off before the match begins. Effy and Scorpio feel each other out, and they trade blows. Effy gets on his knees in front of Scorpio, and the veteran drops his elbow on Effy’s leg. Effy reaches through the referee’s legs to get his hand on the ropes and force a break. Scorpio drops Effy with a shoulder block. Effy gets on his knees again, his face inches from Scorpio’s crotch, and Scorpio bucks his hips to punish him. Effy sends Scorpio out of the ring and poses.

Scorpio hits Effy with a series of jabs. Effy fires back by hitting Scorpio with a headbutt wheret the sun doesn’t shine. Effy gets a near fall with a roll-up, but Scorpio dumps him on his head with a monkey flip. Effy plants Scorpio with a TKO and locks in a dragon sleeper. He blasts Scorpio with some hip thrusts, but Scorpio turns back time with a moonsault off the ropes. Scorpio gets a two count with a flipping leg drop off the second rope. Effy gets a near fall with a DDT, but Scorpio dodges a diving blockbuster.

Effy twists Scorpio’s nipples, but Scorpio just smiles. Scorpio plants Effy with a DDT and pins him with a flipping leg drop off the top rope.

Winner: 2 Cold Scorpio

After the match, Effy bows to Scorpio, and the legend shows his respect to Effy, too. Scorpio then dances his way to the back.

Jordan Oliver vs. Alex Zayne

Oliver and Zayne shake hands, but Oliver quickly goes for a springboard cutter, which Zayne counters. Zayne hits a shotgun dropkick, and Oliver dodges a Shooting Star stomp. The match is a stalemate early on. They shake hands again, and Oliver catches Zayne with a cheap shot to take control. Zayne hits a twisting senton onto Oliver’s back. Oliver and Zayne trade blows, and Oliver gets a near fall with the Acid Kick.

Zayne floors Oliver with a spinning DDT and dives onto him outside the ring. The competitors take each other down with a series of strikes. Zayne drops Oliver with a clothesline. Zayne hits a top rope hurricanrana for a two count. Both men kip up after another flurry of offense. Two stunners and a diving cutter earn Oliver a two count. Zayne earns the victory with a pumphandle slam-like maneuver.

Winner: Alex Zayne

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