Cody Rhodes Arn Anderson
Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

Arn Anderson Walks Out On Cody Rhodes: ‘I Won’t Coach The Loser’

Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson came up with a big win tonight on AEW Dynamite, but things didn’t end well for the Nightmare Family, as Arn Anderson shockingly laid into Rhodes with some tough love before the coach abandoned his star player in the ring.

Following a win over Dante Martin & Matt Sydal that saw Lee Johnson land a huge brainbuster over Martin, Rhodes and Johnson were interviewed in the ring alongside Anderson. Rhodes started things off by saying that he wanted to call out Malakai Black, the man who has beaten him twice in high-profile matches, but “The Enforcer” stopped him almost immediately.

Anderson said that on July 7, Malakai came into their lives and destroyed them all. The legend questioned Rhodes’ actions after the first match, when he took his boot off and seemingly teased his retirement. Looking back on the second bout between the foes, Anderson said that Rhodes wasted a crucial opportunity at a win by checking on his coach instead of finishing Black off. “The Enforcer” then called Rhodes an “assassin,” someone who would do anything to win, while Cody doesn’t have that cold determination in him. Anderson finished his message by telling Rhodes he wouldn’t coach “a loser” any longer, and he proceeded to leave with Johnson.

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