Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling (via Bandcamp)

FTR Gets New Midnight Express-Inspired Theme Song In AEW

FTR has a dark side.

On Thursday, the AEW Bandcamp account posted a new theme song for FTR called “Darkside of TR.” AEW President Tony Khan then posted the new track on Twitter and offered high praise for the new song, adding that it would be added to Apple Music and Spotify in the future.


“Ladies and gentlemen, available now as an early direct download & coming soon to Apple + Spotify, I present to you the only wrestling theme better late at night than Ben & Jerry’s, the new entrance for Dax & Cash #FTR, I like to call it: Darkside of TR,” Khan wrote.

FTR previously used “Old School Raised” as their AEW theme song. Matt Koon wrote the track for the duo and they had used it since their debut with the company in May 2020.

If the new song sounds familiar, one fan pointed out that “Darkside of TR” is a remix of the Midnight Express’ theme song. Check out the new track below:

Do you like the new FTR theme song? How does it compare to the original Midnight Express theme? Let us know in the comments section below:

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