Drew McIntyre
Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Drew McIntyre Claymores Big E After Chaotic Main Event Tag Match

After bickering for most of the night, Drew McIntyre and Big E reluctantly teamed up to take on The Usos tonight, but the two powerhouses saw their brief teamwork fall apart late in the match. 

From the very start, both the WWE Champion and McIntyre seemed to have a hard time trusting one another, but did enough to make it seem like they would come out on top. In the end, though, the division between Big E and McIntyre was too much to overcome. 

After Big E hit a huge move and went for the pin, McIntyre surprisingly broke it up and pulled his partner out of the ring. The two superstars then began brawling at ringside, with McIntyre sending the champion into the ringpost and the broadcast table. The referee continued counting to ten and called the match in favor of The Usos. 

Following the match, both Uso brothers then got to work assaulting their opponents. They threw Big E over the broadcast table and sent McIntyre into one of the security barricades, but they got a bit too cocky. Big E countered a kick by Jey Uso and suplexed him before he sent Jimmy into McIntyre. However, the two foes continued their own brawl, with Big E then throwing McIntyre into the ring to battle it out. 

The night came to an end with Drew McIntyre landing a sudden and brutal Claymore on Big E, so “The Scottish Warrior” stood tall ahead of their match at WWE Crown Jewel. 

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