Roman Reigns WWE SmackDown
Image Credit: WWE

The Usos Crown Roman Reigns After He Beats King Woods

Roman Reigns and King Xavier Woods met in the ring on the November 12 episode of WWE SmackDown, with Woods trying to earn a WWE Universal Championship match and force Reigns to bend the knee. Unfortunately for Woods, he failed to accomplish either goal due to The Bloodline’s collective might.

During this main event bout, Woods actually came close to beating Reigns several times. But a chaotic ending to the show cost him what would have been a stunning victory. After he dropped Reigns with a superkick, Woods then threw Reigns into the turnbuckle. The king then climbed to the top rope and hit the Limit Breaker. Here, he seemingly had Reigns on the verge of defeat.

As Woods went to pin Reigns though, the Usos pulled him out of the ring and started attacking him. The referee quickly called for the bell, but things had already fallen apart. The Usos brutally beat down Woods and left him defenseless.

Following this assault, the Usos then grabbed Woods’ crown from his King of the Ring win and got back into the ring. With Reigns down on one knee, the Usos then crowned “The Tribal Chief,” who triumphantly smiled before he stood up and posed to the crowd with his Bloodline. 

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