Los Lotharios On Potentially Beating The Usos: Take Roman Reigns Away And We Could Do It Easily

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Los Lotharios are confident they could beat The Usos easily — if Roman Reigns wasn’t part of the equation. 

Los Lotharios, Angel and Humberto, appeared on this week’s episode of WWE’s The Bump and spoke about their title aspirations in the company. Humberto led by saying “we want to hold the gold,” but Angel explained that they know they must first work their way into title contention.

Angel: No matter what, we’re going to be holding some. But we’ve got to walk before we run. We know the path, we know the opponents, we know who are the champions, so we’ve got to go step by step and trust me, by the end of our road, our walk, we’re going to have all of the gold on these waists.”

Bump co-host Ryan Pappolla noted that The Usos are the champs and Los Lotharios have never faced off with them yet. Asked if they have thought about that match and how it would go, the pair said that they hope it happens soon, with Angel adding that removing Roman Reigns from the equation would make it a very easy challenge for them.

Humberto: “For sure. They are great competitors. They are family, we are family too, so it’s an interesting feud there. We know about their skills in wrestling and I’m sure they know about our skills in wrestling too. Hopefully, the match can happen soon.”

Angel: “One important thing — if you have The Usos and then have Roman, you just have to do one thing, take Roman away from The Usos and they are nothing for us. They are nothing for us. If you have Los Lotharios and you have The Usos, taking Roman out of the way? We can do it, easily.”

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