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WWE Royal Rumble Result: Becky Lynch vs. Doudrop

Becky Lynch continues to reign over WWE as the RAW Women’s Champion.

In a match against Doudrop at Royal Rumble, Lynch was able to overcome a surprisingly valiant effort from Doudrop, doing just enough to take her down. Late in their match, after Doudrop’s attempt at move off the top rope failed when Lynch dropped her, “The Man” was able to hit the Mandhandle Slam off the second rope for the win.

You can check out a full recap of the match courtesy of our play-by-play coverage below:

Doudrop tosses Lynch all over the ring. Lynch is totally overpowered. Doudrop sets up her finish but Lynch moves out of the way. Lynch tries a shoulder block but it has no effect. Doudrop runs over Lynch. Lynch rolls out of the ring and lays against the ring steps. Doudrop tries a senton but Lynch moves out of the way. Doudrop crashes into the steps. Lynch works over Doudrop. Doudrop fires up and crushes Lynch with a senton.

Lynch traps Doudrop in the Disarm-her. Doudrop reverses it into a sit-out powerbomb. Lynch kicks out. Doudrop hits a cannonball in the corner. Lynch kicks out again. Lynch hits the Molly-Go-Round for a near fall. Doudrop hits a modified version of the Big Ending. Lynch kicks out at two. Doudrop goes up top. Lynch cuts her off and hits a Manhandle Slam off the second rope for the win.

Winner and STILL RAW Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch!

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