Image Credit: WWE

RK-Bro Wins Quiz Bowl Thanks To Randy Orton’s Baking Knowledge

RK-Bro and Alpha Academy competed in the final round of the Academic Challenge on Monday, with Randy Orton and Riddle coming away with a big win and a shot at the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships. 

The final round of the Academic Challenge — which took place on tonight’s episode of WWE Raw — was a Quiz Bowl, and saw the rival teams answering various trivia questions. After some back-and-forth from both duos, RK-Bro eventually came all the way back from a 4-2 deficit to win the Quiz Bowl 5-4. Riddle and Orton won thanks to their knowledge of baking, and in doing so, they earned a chance to challenge for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships. 

Check out a recap of how the Quiz Bowl ended below courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

They are now the number one contenders for the RAW Tag Team Championships. Gable goes nuts about how loud the buzzer was. Someone in the truck keeps buzzing the buzzer and Gable has a conniption fit in the ring. As RK-Bro leaves, The Street Profits walk to the ring and mock Gable and Otis for losing and having to face RK-Bro. Gable challenges Ford and Dawkins to a match right now. The Street Profits accept because, and this will shock you, they want the smoke. Otis steamrolls Ford from behind before the Street Profits get in the ring.

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