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Photo Credit: WWE

Report: Madcap Moss Passes Medical Tests, ‘Good To Go’ After Injury Scare At WWE Elimination Chamber

Madcap Moss suffered an injury scare at WWE Elimination Chamber, but multiple outlets have reported that he’s okay.

At the premium live event, Moss landed badly on his head during a reverse Alabama Slam from Drew McIntyre. The rough landing was a cause for concern, but initial reports indicated that Moss felt fine after the show.

In an update, Fightful Select reports that no damage was apparent on a series of tests he had upon his return to the United States after the show. Moss reportedly apologized to McIntyre, the agents, and Vince McMahon himself. The spot was viewed as an accident, so there’s no heat on “The Scottish Warrior”.

Likewise, Mike Johnson of PWInsider reports that Moss passed his tests, so he should be “good to go” moving forward.

In recent months, Moss has been featured alongside Happy Corbin on WWE SmackDown on a regular basis. The two men continue to feud with McIntyre; following the former WWE Champion’s win over Moss at WWE Elimination Chamber, “The Scottish Warrior” has made it clear that he wants revenge on Corbin.

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