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Photo Credit: WWE

Nikki Bella: I Have Booked A Ticket For WWE WrestleMania 38, But ‘That’s All I Can Say’

Nikki Bella has punched her ticket to WrestleMania, just not in the way you might expect.

The WWE Hall of Famer recently returned to the ring during the Women’s Royal Rumble match in January, leading many fans to wonder whether the former Divas Champion would wrestle again in the near future.

At the very least, during an interview with Mario Lopez, when asked whether she’ll be at WWE WrestleMania 38 in April, she stated that she has booked her ticket.

“Well you know, so far I have a ticket booked,” said Bella. “And that’s all I can say. But yeah, I mean one, The Undertaker’s getting inducted into the Hall of Fame, and Vince McMahon today announced that he’s inducting him, so I’m for sure going to be at Hall of Fame because that’s just an iconic moment. And being a Hall of Famer, like I gotta go represent. But yeah you know, Bellas always find some way to get themselves into trouble there.”

Based on her comments, it’s clear that Bella will attend the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. Beyond that, her involvement with WrestleMania weekend remains uncertain.

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