Young Rock
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Brian Gewirtz On Young Rock Season 2 & Possibility Of Seeing The Rock Back In The Ring

Brian Gerwitz, former WWE lead writer, has been The Rock‘s writing right hand man for the better part of two decades and he’s ready to see that continue to cultivate on the small screen with Young Rock season 2.  The season premiere will take place on March 15 and Gewirtz spoke with Scott Fishman of TVInsider about what fans can expect from Rocky having another go-around.

“It has always been one of our main goals to change the way in which pro wrestling has been portrayed on network television. With our show, a network comedy, we really wanted to take a scalpel to it and show that these are real people with real lives. For Dwayne, it’s two families he pays tribute to. There is his actual family and then part of this wrestling lineage from locker rooms over multiple generations. Then with me being with WWE for a decade-and-a-half, it was very important we got it right while still getting the comedy out of everything because we wanted to be funny as well. This season is special even from a wrestling perspective because it’s so prominent from all three timelines we visit.”

Gewirtz did take the fan’s perspective by answering a question as to if he thinks we could ever see The Rock step foot back into a wrestling ring.

“I sometimes learn of Dwayne’s wrestling aspirations the way everyone else does: through his social media posts. There are so many factors that go into Dwayne’s appearance in terms of a WWE ring. Between his movie schedule and health. Infamously at WrestleMania against John Cena, it resulted in some pretty horrific injuries that required surgery and the delaying of the Hercules movie at the time. I also know this is a passion and business he was born into and born with. That never truly goes away. I don’t know if you’ve seen the guy lately, but he is in pretty good shape. I think he could probably do it if push came to shove. I think it comes down to what he wants to do and when. It comes down to what Dwayne wants to do. I’m sure WWE would be more than happy to have him.”

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