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Briana Brandy Highlights Differences Between Hit Row And HitMakerZ, How The Group Will Function Moving Forward

Free and clear of her 90-day WWE non-compete, Briana Brandy is ready to begin the next chapter of her professional wrestling career.

Briana Brandy (formerly B-Fab) was a recent guest on The Angle Podcast to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about members of Hit Row getting back together on the independent scene as the HitMakerZ, Brandy revealed that was the name they used to go by in the Performance Center before their NXT debut on television.

“Well, first we had to wait for their contracts to be finished, so that was a huge thing that made us have to wait. But we were The HitMakerZ whenever we were in the Performance Center,” Briana Brandy revealed. “It originally was myself, AJ, and Tehuti. We were doing a music group already before. So after everybody got released and the contracts things were done, we were trying to give everybody to find their own way. We were like respecting everyone’s decisions like hey, what do you want to do? Do you want to wrestle, do you want to stay together, what do you want to do?

“So with Swerve being in the indies so long and having so much experience and connections there, he wanted to do his own thing, which was great. I was so proud of him, like bro. You’re going to kill it. But after that, we were like, hey, we might as well do the HitMakerZ again because we were the HitMakerZ before, so it just kind of worked out perfect.”

When asked what fans can expect from HitMakerZ, Brandy explains the differences between this group and Hit Row.

“We kind of are going to stick with what we were doing in a sense because it was working so well in WWE and NXT, and everyone just connected with it so well. And I really hit like the group, Hit Row and HitMakerZ at the time were just something so different that wrestling hadn’t seen at that level and the way that we were doing. So it was just natural like hey if we’re gonna do it, we might as well give the fans what they kinda got to see a little bit, you know, and just give it to them wherever we could put it. Inherent difference without Swerve being in the group.”

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