Kevin Owens Steve Austin WWE WrestleMania 38
Image Credit: WWE

Stone Cold Match At WrestleMania Was Not Part Of Owens’ Contract Negotiations

Kevin Owens having a match with Stone Cold Steve Austin was not included in his recent WWE contract negotiations which saw him re-sign a lengthy deal with the company according to the newest report from Fightful Select.

Fightful was told that the match itself or a program with Austin was not a part of the negotiations to retain Kevin Owens.

Speaking of that match from WrestleMania 38, Fightful was also told that Kevin Owens learned of the Mania plans as far back as January, and Vince McMahon was adamant about keeping it on the down low and not making an official announcement until the day of the show so Austin was comfortable with the decision.

Stone Cold Steve Austin would go on to have his first match in almost 20 years, and defeat Kevin Owens in what was said to be an official retirement match.

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