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Bandido Is A Big Fan Of Mustafa Ali, Calls Him An Amazing Person

Bandido details his recent run-in with Mustafa Ali.

Former Ring of Honor World Champion Bandido recently sat down with Hal 2 of SO CATCH to discuss a wide variety of subjects, including a photo that recently circulated online of Bandido and WWE Superstar Mustafa Ali together in Chicago. It was assumed that they were there to train together, but Bandido revealed that they were just both in Chicago at the same time and had high praise for Ali’s work.

“Oh, I don’t train. I saw him in Chicago. We took a picture because we are in the same place,” Bandido said. “But it’s a very funny history because I come to see him, and I say, ‘hello. Nice to meet you.’ And the promoter was with me, and he said, ‘He’s Bandido.’ Mustafa is like, ‘Who? Bandido? Oh, big fan, big fan of Bandido.’ I said I was a big fan of him too; that was funny. And it’s incredible because he’s an amazing person. I talked with him a little bit, and he was amazing with me. I’m a big fan of his stuff and from his career.”

While Mustafa Ali recently returned to WWE programming, it’s widely known that the company denied his request for release back in January. When asked how he feels about that, Bandido thinks that it’s bad and hopes that it’s a problem that can be fixed quickly because the world of professional wrestling needs him.

“Oh, it’s very bad,” Bandido said. “But I hope he can fix his problems very quick because we need him in all the world.”

Ali recently returned to WWE programming on Monday, inserting himself in a feud with Austin Theory over the United States Championship. More details about Ali’s current contract status, as well as using his absence and asking for his WWE release for a storyline can be read at this link.

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