Big Swole Women's Wrestling Army
Image Credit: Women's Wrestling Army

Big Swole Joins Women’s Wrestling Army, Competes At Debut Show

Big Swole has joined Women’s Wrestling Army.

The new promotion announced the news on May 1, the day of its debut event.

Women’s Wrestling Army subsequently tweeted a picture of Swole facing Trish Adora at the debut show. The event isn’t streaming live, but Maria Kanellis-Bennett has stated that Women’s Wrestling Army has two streaming deals, so fans should be able to watch it at some point soon.

Swole spent the majority of the past two years with All Elite Wrestling. She debuted at AEW All Out 2019 and later left the company in November 30,2021. Her exit led to a controversial exchange with company president Tony Khan when she cited a lack of diversity as a cause for her AEW exit.

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