Booker T
Photo Credit: WWE

Booker T Gives Update On WWE Status, Says He’ll Never Be Done Wrestling

Booker T is saddled up with WWE for several years. According to the man himself, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer says that he still has several years left on his WWE contract and gives the reason why .

}My relationship with the company has never been better. My contract with them isn’t up for another several years. I’m still around doing the kickoff shows for all the premium events on Peacock. I sometimes host RAW Talk and Talking Smack and WWE has me involved with several other projects.} he told Culture Map of Houston in a new interview.

In addition to being asked about his Hall of Fame podcast and his Houston promotion, Reality of Wrestling, Booker also stated how he technically never done being an in-ring performer.

“I’ll never be done wrestling. I’ll be doing this until I can’t move my legs anymore. Wrestlers never retire. If I get a chance to bounce around the ring like a kid one more time, I’ll take that opportunity every time. I won’t be retired from the squared circle until I’m six feet under.”

Booker was asked about his viewpoint on AEW and if he considers it competition for WWE.

“AEW is a wrestling company that’s trying to provide a product like everyone else. I think it’s a good thing because wrestlers need a place to work and the more places to work, the better for the wrestlers, the business, and the families.

How much competition is it to WWE? I think it’s something that the WWE needs to keep an eye on. AEW has a cult following and a passionate and loyal fan base. When a company has that, you never know how big it can get and how fast it can grow.

I’ll say this, competition makes you run faster, so I think it’s a great thing for wrestling.”

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