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Ric Flair On Learning From Nick Bockwinkel & Wrestling Him In Front Of Chris Jericho

It’s hard to believe that Ric Flair wrestled Nick Bockwinkel only once in his career, but that dream match did happen to occur in front of a young Chris Jericho. On the latest episode of To Be The Man, the Nature Boy took fan questions and one was about Ric’s thoughts on the longtime AWA legend Bockwinkel. Co-host Conrad Thompson asked Ric about if he had any good stories of Nick. While Flair didn’t have anything specific, he noted how he learned a lot from the man’s presence and star power.

“I learned a lot from Nick. Nick was a really articulate guy, dressed sharp, very unique interview, was a great worker and I picked Nick’s brain a part,” Flair said. “I only worked with him one time and actually wrestled an hour in Winnepeg when I was NWA Champion. Ironically Chris Jericho was in the front row so that’s how long ago that was.”

“He always took the time to talk with me,” Ric said.

“His greatest line was, ‘You 8 to 5 humanoid lifers would never understand who people like I am,'” Flair laughed. “That would be the Rock’s ‘jabroni’ line.”

Conrad mentioned how Nick and Ric were two guys who always wore suits and ties wherever they traveled.

“I do think it’s cool when the guys come out in coat and ties,” Flair said. “I like Cody [Rhodes] dressing up like he does. He looks different than anybody else. Just like Charlotte does.”

Conrad states that it seems like Cody and Nick are the two modern day guys who uphold that tradition.

“Well I got it from Buddy actually as much as I got it from Nick,” Flair added. “When I first met Buddy Rogers I said, that’s kind of where I’m going to go with it, long before the gimmick got going, or in the infancy of the gimmick.”

You can tune into the latest episode of To Be The Man below:

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