Cody Rhodes WWE Hell in a Cell
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Cody Rhodes Has Successful Surgery To Repair Torn Pectoral Muscle 

Cody Rhodes is on the mend. 

Brandi Rhodes shared an update on how her husband, Cody Rhodes, was doing after he had surgery to repair a torn pectoral muscle on Thursday. 

“The doctor just repaired Cody’s pectoral tendon which was torn completely off the bone. Successful surgery. He is on the road to recovery now,” Brandi wrote on Twitter. 

Cody tore his right pectoral muscle ahead of WWE Hell In A Cell. The company posted the following statement ahead of the match, detailing how the injury happened as well as confirming Rhodes would still compete in his scheduled match against Seth Rollins. 

Rumors have circulated that Cody Rhodes suffered an injury this weekend after an attack at the hands of Seth “Freakin” Rollins. However, as announced on the WWE Hell in a Cell Kickoff Show this is not the case.

What is accurate is Rhodes suffered a partially torn right pectoral tendon during a brawl with Rollins this past Monday on RAW. Rhodes kept this very quiet but on Friday, while weight training in preparation for his match, the tendon tore completely off the bone.

Nonetheless, being the man and the competitor that he is, Rhodes has vowed to still face Rollins inside Hell in a Cell tonight.

There is no doubt Rollins must be salivating to get his hands on a wounded Rhodes tonight.

Cody Rhodes appeared on RAW the following night, confirming that he would have surgery to repair the pectoral muscle. Seth Rollins then attacked him with a sledgehammer, writing him off of television while he recovers for the next several months.

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