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Wardlow Wants To Bring Respect Back To The TNT Title And Make It ‘Worth A Damn Again’

Wardlow aims to make the TNT Championship “the title” in professional wrestling.

On the July 6 episode of AEW Dynamite,”Mr. Mayhem” will challenge Scorpio Sky for the gold. This will be the powerhouse’s second shot at the title; MJF previously cost him his match with Sky on the March 16 episode of AEW Dynamite. Now, he’ll face the champion again, and this time, they’ll wage war in a Street Fight.

During an appearance on “Casual Conversations with The Classic“, Wardlow previewed the match by explaining that he is drawn to the TNT Championship due to its impressive lineage. However, he noted that some of the recent champions have “kind of s—” on it, so his goal is to bring respect back to the title. The fan-favorite went on to describe how his feud with Sky has gotten personal.

“So I think the initial draw to the TNT Championship is just what it was, what it represented at the beginning of AEW,” said Wardlow. “I mean, the TNT Championship, in a lot of people’s eyes, was the championship. And there’s a few guys that held it that put some real respect onto that title, put some real worth behind that title. And since then, there’s been a few guys that have kind of s— on all that. And I feel responsible to take that TNT Title and make it worth a damn again and make it worth something and bring some respect back to that title. I want to make the TNT Title the title in professional wrestling, and I’m confident I can do so. But more so, it really comes down to s— got personal with Scorpio Sky.

“You don’t get to just disrespect Wardlow and get away with it. Scorpio Sky’s the only human being on this earth that currently has done that. So the fact that that left me laid out, I had that title won, and I got screwed out of it. So this is beyond names, this is beyond championships. This is beyond opportunities or what’s right and wrong for me. This is personal. Scorpio Sky’s running around the company now with that title, screaming he’s the face of the company, he’s the face of the company, and it drives me absolutely mad. Because he is so wrong. So yeah, this is personal.”

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