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Rey Mysterio Looks Back On The ‘Eye For An Eye’ Match: It Was Wild

Rey Mysterio looks back on the time he lost his eye on WWE programming.

In 2020, Mysterio was locked in a bitter feud with Seth Rollins, and the two foes met at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. Their clash had a special “Eye for an Eye” stipulation attached to it, where the participants had to remove their opponent’s eye. The legend came out on the losing end, and in a memorable visual, his “eye” was separated from his body, so it was on camera for the whole world to see.

Speaking with Alex McCarthy for Inside The Ropes, Mysterio looked back on this moment and noted that it was “crazy” to hear the idea in the first place, but Vince McMahon wanted it done that way. He stated that as WWE Superstars, they always try their best to make the stories feel as real as possible.

“It was crazy just to even hear,” said Mysterio. “I guess at first we had no idea how far we were gonna go with this. We sat down with directives and they were telling us, no, no, no, this is exactly how it’s gonna go. This is how Vince wants it to do. Now I know Seth was a bit thrown off and like ah okay. If that’s what he wants, let’s go. Again, sometimes we might not have the best ideas or stories, but at the end of the day, we try to do our best to implement or make it as real as possible. But yeah that was a wild story. That was very, very wild.”

The former world champion was also asked to describe how he felt about holding his “eye” in place during the match, and he made it clear that he was glad they could play with the cameras due to the lack of a crowd.

“It was definitely weird,” Mysterio said. “The good thing is that we didn’t have, it was during the pandemic, so there was no fans. So we had a bit of leeway to play with the cameras a little bit.”

Mysterio, who later regained his eye, continues to compete on Monday Night RAW; alongside his son, Dominik, he is currently feuding with The Judgment Day.

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