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Anthony Bowens: I’m Really Excited For AEW All Out, The Acclaimed Have The ‘Scissor Movement’ Behind Us

Anthony Bowens is looking forward to AEW All Out, as it will be the first time The Acclaimed compete in a standard tag team match on an AEW pay-per-view.

On Sunday night, the duo will challenge Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland for the AEW World Tag Team Championship. In recent months, The Acclaimed have climbed to the forefront of the tag team division, both through their wins in the ring and their rising overall popularity.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Bowens previewed the bout. When the interviewer noted that the opportunity for The Acclaimed was “well-deserved”, Bowens expressed his gratitude, his excitement, and his confidence.

“Thank you, thank you,” said Bowens. “And that one I’m the most excited about. This is our first appearance on a pay-per-view [by] Max and I as a tag team. Max has appeared on two. He appeared on one in a ladder match at Revolution, and then we were separate in a Casino Battle Royale, but we weren’t in the ring together. So this is our first tag match. It’s a huge one for the AEW Tag Team Titles against Swerve In Our Glory. And I think we’re gonna bring them home.”

Bowens also previewed the matchup by noting that he and Caster are an actual team, whereas the champion have had communication issues in the past. He pointed out that The Acclaimed have plenty of momentum, and they have the “scissor movement” behind them.

“I think what gives us the edge is that we’re now an actual tag team,” Bowens said. “You know, we were singles guys, but we figured that out. Swerve and Keith, they were they’re both singles guys, and we saw in the past that they’ve had a little bit of weird communication issues. So I don’t know if that’s going to come into play. There’s a lot going on in their heads because they know that we’re gunning for ’em.

“So as confident as those two gentlemen may be, I think they should be scared because we have a lot of momentum going right now. Not only are we both confident, we have an entire movement behind us. This entire scissor movement (laughs), if you would say so. Everyone loves The Acclaimed, everyone is going to be rooting for us Sunday at All Out, and I’m really excited to get out there and bring home some gold.”

As for the duo’s potential celebration plans, Bowens stated that they would scissor everyone they could and go Chipotle.

“Well, obviously we got to scissor everybody that we can,” he said. “And then I think Max and I would both agree that we would go right to Chipotle. (laughs) That’s a really good meal. Some people go to Disney World, The Acclaimed would go to Chipotle.”

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