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Dani Luna On What’s Next After Her WWE Release: I Want To Wrestle Everywhere

Dani Luna is trying to focus on the positives following her WWE release, and she sees the opportunity to wrestle everywhere as a blessing in disguise.

Luna, like many other NXT UK stars, was let go in the aftermath of the announcement that NXT UK would be going on hiatus. WWE also announced the launch of NXT Europe next year.


In an interview with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston, Luna discussed her release and her goals for the future. She noted that she’s still sidelined with an injury, so she’s focused on getting healthy. Once she does, the former NXT UK star wants to wrestle all over the place.

“I’m currently still injured, so I’ve got a few months left,” said Luna. “I tore my ACL about a year ago. So step one is getting cleared, and then step two is wrestling absolutely everywhere that will have me. Between COVID happening and then getting hurt, I think I wrestled about eight matches in two years, and my creative cup is overflowing. I need somewhere to put all that energy. So yeah, anywhere that will have me. I’d love to go to Japan. I’d love to be a part of the scene here in the UK that has kind of rebuilt itself since a lot of us had to leave and not work as much. So yeah, anywhere that will have me, I’d love to make a mark again.”

When asked whether she’s had contact with companies like AEW or IMPACT, Luna stated that she’s focused on her recovery, and she’s looking forward to exploring the wrestling world once she’s able to.

“I’ve been very much just kind of focusing on getting better. I don’t wanna make promises to anyone that I can’t necessarily keep. But obviously I’d love to be any of those places. I’ve never even wrestled outside of the UK. Whether it be Europe, whether it be America, I’d love to tick all those boxes. I got signed so young that there was so much stuff that I thought maybe I wouldn’t get to do if I stayed in WWE forever, so I’m just kind of seeing it as a blessing in disguise that now I have a chance to do all that stuff that I didn’t get a chance to do before.”

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