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Matt Menard Details How He Got A Taste Of Commentary In AEW

Matt Menard AEW
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Matt Menard talks about his recent role as a commentator in AEW.

Matt Menard is a proud member of the Chris Jericho Appreciation Society and very happy to team alongside Angelo Parker. However, in recent weeks, Menard has been doing some commentary for AEW’s YouTube programming because of a recent injury.

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Speaking with Good Karma Wrestling, Matt Menard revealed how he ended up getting a taste of life behind the headset.

“Back in June at Blood and Guts, I ended up tearing my rotator cuff and my labrum. So, I’m out for a period of time here. A couple of weeks ago, I was just like “I’m coming to TV every week, I’m not planning any matches, I’m doing much of anything”, so I end up talking to Tony Schiavone and he’s like “yeah, lets put you on commentary, I will run it by TK and see what he says.” TK loved the idea and sure enough I went out there one week and it seemed to be a big hit, people liked it, Twitter loved it. And Tony Schiavone was like “you just stay out there now until somebody tells you not to.” So, I guess it’s my job and an opportunity to learn another side of the business. Honestly, it’s been an absolute blast, I feel like I can say anything out there and I have Excalibur who is going to cover my ass, it’s just so much fun, guys.”

Most recently, Matt Menard was thrown around the ring by Action Bronson at AEW All Out 2022.

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