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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Eddie Edwards Discusses His Current Run With Honor No More

Eddie Edwards gets to work with his friends as part of Honor No More, and he’s enjoying the ride.

Edwards, a former IMPACT World Champion, has been aligned with the group since February. The stable also includes former ROH stars Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, PCO, Vincent, Kenny King, and Maria Kanellis. The faction has been on a successful run ever since; Bennett and Taven captured the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship, and Edwards will challenge for the world title at Bound For Glory.

In an interview with Dominic DeAngelo of Ad Free Shows, Edwards discussed this chapter of his career, particularly his heel turn. He noted that, especially in the early stages, the transition has required him to learn by trial and error.”

“Now, going heel, it has its challenges, but it’s a fun learning curve to be on, to be with because it takes a little bit, and it’s trial and error, like with anything. You go out there and you’re like, ‘Well, I thought that would work.’ It didn’t. Now try this, hopefully this works, and oh, maybe it does, and then you kinda go from there. You go out there and figure out what’s gonna work.”

He continued by describing how he has been friends with some of his Honor No More stablemates for years, and working with them is “comforting.”

“I’m lucky that it is with Honor No More and I have a faction with me, and we get to do it together where me, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, and Vincent, we’re all New England guys,” Edwards said. “Me and Mike, we started around the same time. Some of my earliest matches are with Mike Bennett. Matt Taven, I’ve known his whole career at this point. Vincent I’ve known for a very long time, and we’re all friends outside of wrestling.

“So for a long time, we thought it would be cool if we could work together at some point. They were working in the same company, and everything goes down with ROH. Chances open up, and not only are we working in the same company, but we’re a part of the same group together, and we get to go on this ride together. So it’s comforting to have friends like that around me where, we all want the same thing.”

Edwards also stated that everyone in the group supports each other, as they want to succeed both collectively and individually.

“We all want Honor No More to succeed, we all want each other to succeed,” Edwards said. “There’s no egos. Adding PCO and having Maria there, it’s a great mix of every style and everything we have. We all just want to succeed together. Nobody’s looking out just for themselves, and that plays a big role in Honor No More.”

Edwards will team up with Taven and Bennett to face Josh Alexander, Heath, and Rich Swann at IMPACT Victory Road.