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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Toni Storm: Skye Blue Stands Out, She’ll Be A Huge Star In The Wrestling Industry

Toni Storm believes Skye Blue is someone who will make waves in the wrestling industry.

Storm spoke with Chris Mueller for Bleacher Report and spoke about her tenure with AEW so far. Toni Storm is the Interim Women’s Champion and she says it’s been a stressful, yet rewarding experience overall.

“I’ve really loved it so far,” she said. “I’ve really loved putting myself into AEW, and it’s my life now. I’m on the road with them every week, and I love it. I get to go out and compete and perform for great crowds all over the United States and Canada, which is awesome. So, I’m just having a really awesome time, as stressful as it is being champion and, you know, high expectations of me. It’s a lot of pressure, but I just love being a part of a locker room. They have such a great locker room full of wonderful, hardworking people. Now. I feel like I’m at home, I feel like I’ve found a family within AEW.”

Storm noted that while she’s enjoying her run, she still knows there’s a target on her back as champion.

“I’m loving it. but I have a hell of a target on my back,” she said. “It’s very stressful right now, as much as I’m enjoying it. You know, everyone’s targeting me, I’ve got the thing that everyone wants,” she added. “So, yeah, it’s been busy.”

One competitor that has impressed Storm (and could be a potential challenger one day) is Skye Blue. Storm said she believes Skye will be a big star one day, and highlighted how many impressive names are in AEW now.

“[Skye Blue] has always stood out to me,” Storm said. “I think she’s one who will be a huge star. I mean, she already is, but eventually she will become huge in the wrestling industry,” Storm explained. “There are many people, like Kris Statlander. I was always impressed with her since the beginning, and Anna Jay. Just such a great locker room. I’m just so glad that I get to be a part of it now.”

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