NXT Halloween Havoc: Roxanne Perez vs. Cora Jade Result

In a brutal match between former friends, Roxanne Perez walked out of NXT Halloween Havoc with a huge win against Cora Jade.

In a “Weapons Wild” Match between the two superstars, things were pretty clearly testy from the very start. Both superstars gave it their all to come out on top, with Jade routinely hurling insults and weapons at Perez en route to dominating the match. However, as things came to a close, Cora told Perez that she was never best friends with her, causing Perez to snap and counter an attack, before putting Jade through a pile of chairs with a Canadian Destroyer for the win.

For a full recap of how the match ended, check out below courtesy of our live, play-by-play coverage:

Roxanne tries to hit Cora with a skateboard but Cora ducks and runs away. Roxanne catches up with her and slams her into the apron before trying to use the skateboard again. Cora blocks it, then Roxanne slams Cora’s face on the mat while she’s laying on the skateboard. Roxanne rolls Cora outside and slams her on the floor. Cora sprays something in Roxanne’s eyes to gain the advantage, then she puts a trash can on Roxanne’s head and kicks her in the head. Roxanne mounts a brief comeback and whips Cora with a rope, then she reverses a running attack and whips Cora into the steps. Roxanne remains in control for a bit, and Cora tries to run away into the crowd.

Cora climbs the preshow stage and Roxanne gives chase, and Cora slams her on the floor of the stage. Cora takes the guardrail off of the stage and taunts Cora, but Roxanne punches her a few times before pausing. Cora begs her not to throw her off of the stage, but Roxanne swings and Cora grabs her arm, and both women fall down and crash into a table below them. Both women make it to their feet and fight back into the ring, and Cora says something to Roxanne about never being her best friend. Roxanne counters Cora’s offense and hits a Canadian Destroyer through a pile of chairs.

Winner – Roxanne Perez

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