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Jade Cargill Will Be ‘Two Belts’ On Her Time, Teases ‘House of the Dragon’ Cosplay

Jade Cargill is biding her time until she becomes “Two Belts Jade”.

Speaking with Steve Fall on NBC Sports Boston‘s Ten Count, Jade Cargill was asked about a potential clash with Toni Storm, the interim AEW Women’s Champion. Jade is open to the challenge and would love to hold both of AEW’s women’s championships, but she’ll do it on her time.

“Listen, Two Belts Jade, I would love that. Listen, I’m going. I’m going for those two belts on my time. I’m gonna take my time. I’m gonna let the ladies do their thing right now,” Jade said. “Jamie and Toni Storm have a match at the pay-per-view, so that’s gonna be a stellar match. I’m actually very excited to see Jamie go to work. Jamie’s a stellar wrestler in general, so it’s gonna be a good match. It’s gonna be great.”

Jade also spoke about what makes her bring out cosplay gear for big matches, including her She-Hulk look at All Out.

“So now, more than any time, fans are really inspiring me with these gear ideas. The Riddler, for example, was a fan trying to make fun of a previous gear that I had, and I said, ‘Great. That’s amazing. I’m gonna make that into something.’ So when I see a lot of fan art or I see these gear concepts from fans just speaking things into existence, I see this, and I’m paying tribute to my fans. I love the ideas they’ve given me. They actually gave me the idea of She-Hulk. Mortal Kombat and Jade, of course, that was me, I wanted to do that. But more than anything, my fans. Fans [have] just given me inspiration, and it just gets me going and gets me thinking because I have to think about the entrance and I have to think of all these things.

“There’s a lot going into gear concepts and going into entrances and trying to get your point across in case people don’t watch cosplay or ‘Mortal Kombat’ or something like that. So it’s my fans.”

Jade then shared that she has a new cosplay idea for the Game Of Thrones spinoff House of the Dragon.

“I’m trying to go for the ‘House of Dragon’ right now. We’re going for [House Velaryon],” Jade explained. “Listen, if I could afford a dragon if they existed [laughs]. No, I wouldn’t get one, but I mean we’re gonna have to see. Listen, fans, throw out your ideas. Give me some inspiration, and we’ll talk about it. I have some ideas, but I mean you’re just gonna have to see.”

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