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Matt Cardona: NWA Hard Times 3 Is My Chance To Save The NWA

Matt Cardona remains determined to save the NWA, and he views NWA Hard Times 3 as the chance to do so.

Cardona previously beat Trevor Murdoch to win the title in February, but he was forced to relinquish the gold in June after he suffered a torn bicep. He returned to the ring at NWA 74, and he has been focused on winning the title back ever since. At NWA Hard Times 3, Cardona will face Murdoch in a three-way title match that also includes Tyrus.

In an interview with Liam Crowley of ComicBook, Cardona previewed the bout by looking back on his previous clash with Murdoch. He then discussed the addition of Tyrus into the mix and noted that while the odds might be stacked against him, he views it as a must-win situation. Cardona emphasized that his mission is to save the NWA by making it more relevant.

“Trevor showed a lot of guts in that last match [in February], and if you watch that match, he is covered in blood,” Cardona said. “He’s oozing blood. There was blood all over my beautiful white gear. He ruined my gear. But I gained a lot of respect for him because he didn’t quit. Now, I think he’s even more hungry after losing the title, regaining it. So, he’s not taking me lightly. You add Tyrus into the mix, who wants to become a world champion for the first time, and the odds are probably stacking against me the most. But I have to go in there and win. I never lost the championship. I had to relinquish it.

“This is my opportunity to not only regain the championship, but save the NWA. I’ve said it the whole time I’ve been here. I’m not here as an outsider. I’m not here to take over. I’m here to save the NWA, to help the NWA out. The NWA, it needs some relevancy, and that’s where Matt Cardona comes in.”

WrestleZone will have coverage of NWA Hard Times 3 as it airs on November 12.

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