masha slamovich
Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Masha Slamovich: Winning The IMPACT Knockouts Title Would Solidify Everything I’ve Done So Far

Masha Slamovich previews her rematch with IMPACT Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace.

Slamovich went on an undefeated run ahead of her clash with Grace at IMPACT Bound For Glory. The champion defeated Slamovich in a buzzoworthy bout that garnered a lot of praise, and the two women will wage war again in a Last Knockout Standing Match at IMPACT Over Drive.

Speaking with The Angle Podcast, Slamovich was asked to describe what winning the title would mean to her. She stated that it would solidify everything she has done up to this point, and her next steps would be revealed after a potential win.

“It would solidly everything that I’ve done,” Slamovich said. “It will be another goal of mine reached. Then, after I become champion this Friday at Over Drive, my next steps will be revealed. Step by step, one thing at a time.”

As for her inspirations, she noted that she doesn’t directly borrow from many people, as she wants to present herself in an organic way. She noted that some aspects of her presentation and her attire are odes to legends of Joshi wrestling.

“There is not really any inspiration,” Slamovich said. “It is doing what feels natural and presenting myself in a way that I feel confident. Of course, most of my attire and makeup and whatnot is an ode to some of the great legends of Joshi wrestling, Akira Hokuto, for example. Bull Nakano being another.”

When asked to name something she admires about Grace, Slamovich gave the champion credit for her toughness and her intensity. She called Grace a perfect opponent for her and noted that this aspect of the matchup is exciting.

“I admire the fact that perhaps I see a little bit of myself in her,” Slamovich said. “She has that intensity. She has that will and that fight and that strength in her that I don’t find across many women in professional wrestling. So I think she’s one of the perfect opponents for me, and that also brings its own element of excitement.”

WrestleZone will have coverage of IMPACT Over Drive as it airs on Friday night.