Brutus Beefcake Was Pranked About A WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Ten Years Before It Actually Happened

Thanks to a prank, Brutus Beefcake thought he was getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame ten years before it actually happened.

WWE Hall of Famer Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake was a recent guest on Good Karma Wrestling to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about his long-awaited Hall of Fame induction in 2019, Beefcake revealed that he was actually pranked ten years prior by someone who worked at WWE Headquarters in Stamford.

“Well, I was beginning to think it was never going to happen. About ten years ago, somebody called from the WWE building because it was on my phone, the caller ID, and left a message or something about me being in the Hall of Fame. That was like ten years ago. Everybody got excited. Everybody was going crazy, and it turned out it was a prank call,” Brutus Beefcake revealed. “So after that, I was like, man, okay.”

“I don’t know who I must have made mad or pissed off or whatever. But being patient pays off. I was a patient fisherman, and when they called, they had Sports Illustrated. They wanted to have a big release to announce me, and then they had the Hulkster come out, and nobody else had a presenter. They had me get a presenter having the Hulkster do the presenting.”

Despite taking so long to get the actual call, Beefcake understands how blessed his career was in professional wrestling and how his accident in 1990 changed the course of his entire life.

“And so, I mean, my career has been so tremendously blessed. I had a setback in 1990 with that accident; they said you’ll never wrestle again,” Brutus Beefcake revealed. “They didn’t want me to ever drive a car again. So there were milestones that happened. I had some obstacles to overcome. And I gotta tell you; it really changed me as a person. And made me realize how much I appreciated the fans and everything.”

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What do you make of Brutus Beefcake’s comments? Are you surprised someone from WWE would prank him about a Hall of Fame induction? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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