Booker T
Photo: Reality Of Wrestling

Booker T Returning To The Ring At 12/18 Reality Of Wrestling Event

Booker T is returning to the ring.

The WWE Hall of Famer has wrestled sparingly in recent years. In his most recent match, he teamed up with Blake Cortez, Bryan Keith, Gasper Hernandez, and Mysterious Q in a losing effort against Queen Sharmell (Edge Stone, Gino Medina, Ryan Davidson, Stephen Wolf, and Will Allday) at Reality of Wrestling’s Summer of Champions VIII event on July 9, 2022.

Speaking on his podcast, The Hall of Fame with Booker T & Brad Gilmore, the legend confirmed that he will be returning to the ring at Reality of Wrestling’s Christmas Chaos show on December 18.

“If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself. If I gotta do it myself, that’s what I will do. So coming up, December 18, man down, guess who’s gonna be taking his place? That’s right. I will be stepping back inside the squared circle [at] Reality of Wrestling Christmas Chaos,” Booker T said. “I’m gonna tell you right now, bunch of these [protein drinks] gonna be going down in between. Gonna be hitting the gym hard and heavy. I’m on the bike. I’m hanging and banging and clanging in the zone. So get some, want some.

“The 18th. Don’t miss out. Damn it, don’t get shut out because it’s gonna be on. It’s gonna be on at the Booker T, it still got my name on it, at the Booker T World Gym Arena. When you look in my eye, when I walk out that curtain, rest assured, somebody’s gonna get hurt.”

Reality of Wrestling then confirmed the news in a tweet; Booker T and Mysterious Q will team up to challenge Fly Def (Zack Mason and Warren Johnson) for the ROW Tag Team Championship.

Booker T is the owner and promoter of Reality of Wrestling, which doubles as a school that has been training talent since 2005. He recently returned to WWE as a member of the NXT broadcast team.

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