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Matt Hardy On Feeling Responsible For Private Party: It’s Very Important To Me That They Do Well

Matt Hardy wants to see Private Party succeed in AEW.

Matt Hardy’s AEW career has revolved around teaming with Private Party off and on for two years now. The trio recently reunited for the first time since the end of 2021 in a new storyline involving Ethan Page. During a recent episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Hardy spoke with Jon Alba about his experience working with Private Party thus far.

“This whole story has kind of been us figuring out things as we go along. We’ve been given a lot of freedom with what we’re doing and whatnot. We wanted to take a turn where, as opposed to playing mental chess, myself and Ethan going back and forth, we wanted to do something that was a little more serious where there’s jeopardy on someone in the angle. Now the jeopardy is going to be on Private Party,” Hardy said. “As everyone knows, I have a legitimate bond with those guys.

“I really love those guys like their my kids as it is anyway, and I really feel like they’re my legacy in a lot of ways. Whatever they become, I’m gonna be held responsible for it in many ways. So it’s very important to me that they do good and they do well. But once Ethan starts saying now he’s going to take out his frustrations on them and punish them, it’s where he kind of crosses a line with me and we kind of move up a gear to the next level.”

It’s not lost on Hardy how much fun Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen are having not only teaming with him, but having the opportunity to make their entrance to The Hardy Boyz’ famed theme song, “Loaded.” He also said that he wants to “dial it in” and make the most of their run in AEW’s trios division.

“They’re having a lot of fun, and they’re really enjoying it, and I am too,” Hardy admitted. “It really makes me want to try as hard as I can to dial it in and be as good as I can possibly be and make the most out of this three-man team of the Hardy Party and go as far as we can in the trios division.”

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