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Shane Taylor: My Job Is To Knock People The F*ck Out And Get My Check, Anything Else Is Not My Concern

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Shane Taylor is not concerned with the timing of his All Elite Wrestling debut.

During an appearance on the Knockouts and 3 Counts show, Shane Taylor was asked about his AEW debut and specifically if he had any thoughts on why it took so long to be recognized by the company. Taylor says it could be a multitude of reasons but that is none of his concern.

“That could be a variety of reasons. Who knows, man. There’s so much that goes on in the decision-making processes. Sometimes it’s not even that people don’t like you, it’s just that they don’t have something solid for you in that moment. And a lot of people, especially at that level, they know you’re talented, they know you can do this, do that, and they’re not just going to waste your time if they don’t feel like they have something for you. Like, why not just let you keep doing what you’re doing until an opportunity presents itself, right?

“A lot of that isn’t necessarily them not wanting to or not being interested, it’s just, ‘OK, where do we put him?’ And you look at a lot of these rosters, there’s a lot of people there. It’s like ‘if we bring him in, what do we do with him? Where do we put him? How does this work?’ And if they can’t rationally answer those questions, then they have to kinda just stay with the status quo until they can. I’m sure some people have their reasons for this and that, whatever the case may be, but my job is not to worry about that. My job is to show up and put folks to sleep. My job is to knock people the fuck out and get my check and go home. Anything outside of the realm of doing that is no longer my concern.”

Taylor went on to explain how the past year was challenging in a good way. He said he’s actually happy it took so long to get to AEW because it allowed him to get to a good place mentally.

Shane Taylor and JD Griffey will face off against Swerve In Our Glory at ROH Final Battle on December 10.

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