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Shawn Michaels On The Plan To Elevate Bron Breakker To The Main Roster

Just how close is Bron Breakker to being ready for the WWE main roster? According to the NXT Deadline post-show media scrum from Shawn Michaels, he’s pretty close to being ready.

Talking to the media, HBK said that Breakker is always a name that comes up when discussing who should be the next one to make the jump. He said, “We have a long-term and short-term plan, so we have no idea what we’re doing. I’m kidding. We have the board filled up and everything else, we’re pretty good. Bron is always a guy that is on that list. Every one sees that he’s special, he’s obviously the horse we’re riding here in NXT. I’ll always say this, Bron is always going to be on that list because everyone always sees so much potential in him.”

Continuing on, Michaels said he would like to keep Breakker for just a little bit longer to iron out any remaining kinks. He said “He’s just one that I look at and I say that we’d love to be able to keep him here just for a little bit longer so we could just really round him. I feel like he could go up there and do things here and there on the main roster but to continue to let us keep him here and help him along. I feel like we have some other people that you could insert right now and feel like you don’t have to worry one way or another, not that you have to do that with Bron, he’s going to step up to any challenge. Selfishly, I’d like to be able to keep him here and really round him out as perfectly as we can when we have that opportunity. I don’t see the rush.”

Finishing off, Michaels said that he would never keep Breakker from pursuing new opportunities on the main roster but that he wants Bron to be as perfect as humanely possible before moving on to the next step. He said “I don’t ever want to keep him from any opportunities, and I’d never do that, if we have the option to keep him and make him a more well-rounded performer for the main roster, I’d love to be able to have the time to do that. I never want to give the impression that Bron is not a guy that we wouldn’t be thrilled to have on the main roster because he obviously is, I would just like to make him…I’d like to wrap him up nicely in a bow and deliver him to them, perfectly ready to go.”

Thanks to Fightful for transcribing that portion of the media call which you can hear in full below.

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