Bully Ray
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Joe Hendry: If I Lock Horns With Bully Ray, It Will Be Great For The Fans And My Career

Joe Hendry is ready to find out what his future in IMPACT Wrestling looks like.

Hendry recently spoke with WrestleZone about potential matchups he could have in IMPACT Wrestling in the future. WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard mentioned Hendry’s recent comments about booking himself into a match with Kurt Angle for WhatCulture and asked if there’s anyone else he’d like to do that with. Hendry said he’s the current Digital Media Champion so he has people calling him out right now, but did have a few names he would entertain working with.

“With regards to making matches and things like that, well, the beauty of this is I’m the champion, so it’s up to other people to call me out right now. But what I will say, I’ve been saying this in a few interviews, is what I used to do is go, ‘Oh, well, I’ll do this by this date and I’ll headline this by that date’ and I just don’t do it anymore, because part of me is like, I think the more that you look too far forward into the future,” Hendry noted, “you’re not like focusing on what you’re doing right now and taking care of the responsibilities that need to be taken care of right now. My job right now is to every day take a step closer to being a draw for this company, but you need big opponents to do that.

“I’m going to mention three people right now. So one of the reasons, probably the reason I went to IMPACT Wrestling is because Scott D’Amore did an interview with a British newspaper, and this was a few years ago before either of these people were the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion. They said to him, ‘who do you think could be a future world champion?’ and he said, Moose, Josh Alexander, and he said, you know what, wild card, Joe Hendry. When said that I was like, ‘Well, if management has that belief in me, then that seems like that’s where I need to go.’ So I never forgot that,” Hendry pointed out, “and I told Scott that like when we initially started talking again. But those two names, they’ve both become world champion, so I need to prove myself against both Josh Alexander, who’s the champion, and Moose as well, who’s a former champion.”

Hendry then picked Bully Ray as one more opponent because he believes they’d have a great mic battle, touting himself as quite possibly the only one on the IMPACT roster that could match wits with the ECW legend.

“I’m going to mention one more as well. That’s Bully Ray, because I remember Chris Jericho did an interview, where he’s talking about his interactions with the Rock and he’s like, ‘I’m the guy. I’m the only guy that could go toe to toe with The Rock on the mic.’ I think moving forward a generation, Bully Ray is a legend in our locker room and I feel like I’m the one that can go toe to toe with him on the mic,” Hendry stated. “I think if me and Bully Ray lock horns, and that’s going to be great for the fans and selfishly, it’s going to be great for my career as well. So those would be the names I throw out there.”

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