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The Usos Want Recent PPV Gear To Be Their Next Action Figure Design

The Usos hope a recent set of attire turns into an action figure.

The Bloodline stood in solidarity through their victory at Survivor Series: WarGames this year. There, the Usos, along with Solo Sikoa, Sami Zayn, and “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns all emerged in a coordination of red and black ring gear that caught the eyes of the WWE Universe. In speaking with Ringside Collectibles ahead of the pay-per-view, Jimmy and Jey vowed to deliver “the next idea” for the Mattel action figure company with the respective gear.

“We haven’t shown the world yet, but I feel like after Survivor Series, we’ve got a nice little surprise. Me and him — and I can’t speak for everyone —but our whole career, our gear was on point. We wanted to make sure every pay-per-view we looked dope, every WrestleMania we looked dope. If you guys don’t catch on yet, I think every WrestleMania we always go white. I think after this Survivor Series pay-per-view, this might be the next idea for you guys,” Jey said. “Even Roman too, he’s going to have a different swagger at Survivor Series too, so it’s going to be cool. Solo too. This might be the first Bloodline pack.”

During a recent appearance on the Not Sam Wrestling podcast, WWE costume designer Sarath Ton revealed that Roman Reigns was originally supposed to wear red too. The attire was ultimately not worn by Reigns, who did not like the fabric texture of the finished attire.

In terms of their own action figure collection, both Usos confirmed their special love for G.I. Joes, Ninja Turtles, and of course, wrestling, growing up. “We had a lot we had a lot of wrestling toys because we were playing with our uncles when we were young and it was just crazy,” Jimmy said. “Now we got nieces and nephews, a lot of nephews that are playing with us.”

“One day I walk by and our nephew has got Yokozuna. He’s got The Rock, he has us, our dad (Rikishi). I’m sitting there, it looks crazy. We all have action figures. To be a part of that was really cool, but it was really dope. It stopped me in my tracks and I was just like, ‘whoa, the Wild Samoans.’ There’s a lot of us, so it was pretty mind-blowing when you stop and think about it.”

Jimmy Uso later revealed two of his ultimate favorite figures. “Yoko’s pretty cool, he’s my favorite. Umaga is one of my favorite action figures [too].”

Though the Usos’ next action figure design remains to be determined, Mattel recently dropped a preview of Logan Paul’s upcoming figure release.

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