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Paul Wight Wants To Buy Danny Bonaduce Lunch And Say Thank You

Paul Wight owes his career to Danny Bonaduce and he’d like to one day repay the favor.

RJ City welcomed Paul Wight to a New Year’s edition of Hey (EW) and the pair discussed some highlights from Wight’s 20-plus-year wrestling career, including how The Partridge Family’s Danny Bonaduce helped Wight get his start in the wrestling business. Wight previously told Fox News how he met Bonaduce through a job moving karaoke equipment, and Bonaduce introduced him to Hulk Hogan. Wight said he still thinks it’s cool and would love to catch up with him sometime.

“I think it’s pretty damn awesome. Danny Bonaduce is one of the coolest cats I’ve ever met,” Wight explained. “Being on the up-and-up side, at some point, I’d love to catch up with Danny sometime. Just buy him lunch and say thank you. Danny, if I run into you, lunch on me. Thank you for everything.”

Danny Bonaduce made an appearance in WCW back in 1994, and later worked with Hulk Hogan again on Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling. He’s also stepped into the ring for TNA Wrestling, as he worked a match against Eric Young on the Lockdown 2009 preshow when he was still a disc jockey for 94 WYSP in Philadelphia. Bonaduce currently works as a DJ for 102.5 KZOK in Seattle, where AEW just hosted its January 4 Dynamite taping.

Wight also spoke about his various late-night show appearances and the lack of a guest spot on The Late Show with David Letterman. Wight has been on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show (three separate appearances with Jay Leno, O’Brien and Fallon) as hosts as well as on Saturday Night Live, but he’s never been a guest of Letterman.

“I’ve never met David Letterman. I’m a huge fan of David Letterman, I just don’t think I was a big enough talent to be on [The Late Show]. Sorry, David Letterman only deals with top-tier talent and I don’t think I made the cut,” Wight noted. “Had he known [I was Andre The Giant’s kayfabe son in WCW] maybe it would have been a fun show. I would have loved to hang out with David Letterman.”

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