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Missing Persons Finds Strength In Performances From Dustin Rhodes And Billy Gunn

Missing Persons is a new movie from B22 Films starring Dustin Rhodes and Billy Gunn as two United States Armed Forces veterans that use nefarious means to deal with a case of stolen valor.

Rhodes and Gunn both bring an intensity to the screen that is sure to excite fans of their respective work in wrestling, but there are also some moments of frivolity that lend some laughs during such a dramatic and thrilling story. Rhodes has worked with director Brett Bentman on several films in the past, including 2020’s Copper Bill. That film also featured Thom Hallum, who stars as the pair’s captive, a construction company owner named Alex Therberg that lied about his military background to drum up business for himself.

Gunn’s Arturo and Rhodes’ Nate kidnap Therberg and force him to participate in a makeshift Army boot camp, but the pair ultimately disappear and the incident draws the attention of the Department of Defense. The official synopsis mentions that the pair’s vanishing act ultimately carries “interstellar consequences” but that bit of information still doesn’t spoil what is the final one of a few twists that are revealed in the second half of the film.

Missing Persons is very much an action thriller with some sci-fi elements mixed in, but some of the more memorable moments involve Gunn and Rhodes’ bickering over the more minute details of their operation. One particular instance involves the thread count of cotton towels, with another one involving Gunn loudly proclaiming what his favorite animal is while they both push Hallum’s character to his limit.

The movie shifts gears (and genres) towards the end, especially in the last third where the final twist is revealed. Missing Persons feels like two different movies in some ways, almost to a fault. Running at just over 75 minutes, Missing Persons could have benefitted from a bit more time to deal with the ramifications that play out in the third act.

The acting is solid overall, highlighted by Rhodes, Gunn and Hallum (as well as a cameo by Austin Gunn in the opening scene). Mission Persons is worth checking out if you’re a fan of either Rhodes or Gunn, or if you enjoy thrillers chock full of twists. The stolen valor premise is an interesting one, but you go on a totally different ride by the time the credits roll.

Missing Persons is now available to watch on DVOD outlets including Amazon.

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billy gunn dustin rhodes missing persons
Photo Credit: B22 Films