The Undertaker
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The Undertaker Compares One-Man Show To Putting Together A Match, Says He Feels Like A Greenhorn Again

The Undertaker is learning the art of storytelling in a new way.

Speaking with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, The Undertaker talked about the work that goes into planning out the format for his 1 deadMan speaking engagements. Undertaker said that he wants to make it special and there’s a trick to telling stories in the right way.


“I’m trying to give people the layers and stages of my life that brought me to where I am now,” says Calaway. “It’s a very limited audience, and I want to make it special. I want people to leave being blown away. Especially with my character, who hardly said a word for 30 years, I want people to think, ‘I can’t believe all that was going on.’ I want to make people think. I want them to believe in themselves. I want to entertain, but also use my experience to show that anything is possible. My story exemplifies that. I was told, at every turn, I wasn’t good enough. Yet look at the final product. Hopefully that gives people inspiration to battle through in their own lives,” he said. “The tricky part is telling the right stories in the right manner. It’s just like putting together a match.”

The Undertaker said he feels like a rookie all over again, but he always strives to be at his best.

“It’s all new again,” said The Undertaker. “By the end of my career, I had an answer for everything. There was nothing that could happen I didn’t have an answer for. People could ask me questions, and I’d have an answer for them, too,” he said. “Now it’s starting all over again. It makes it a new challenge. I’m a greenhorn again.

“I have a new way of ‘putting my match together,’ a whole new kind of deal,” says Calaway. “I know I need to involve the layers that led me to where I am, but I also understand people want to hear about wrestling. The show in Boston was a learning-curve experience. I can’t wait for San Antonio,” he stated. “It’s all about storytelling. That show wasn’t my best, but I’ll learn from it, and I won’t make the same mistakes in San Antonio. People deserve my very best. I’ll always strive to be better.”

The Undertaker’s 1 deadMan show takes place on January 27 at the Techport Center in San Antonio.

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