Arn Anderson
Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

Arn Anderson Talks The Importance Of Talent Getting In Reps At AEW House Shows

Arn Anderson is excited for AEW house shows.

AEW is expanding their live events business in 2023 by holding periodic house shows on select weekends. AEW will launch “House Rules” starting on Saturday, March 18 in Troy, Ohio. There’s reportedly been a positive reaction to this news within AEW, and Arn Anderson shared the same sentiment during a recap appearance on Ten Count.


“It’s a situation where you’re going to have to put some top names on the card to draw the crowd, but I hope there’s a blend, say three of those matches are the young guys that you think have promise that are going to be a future star in the business somewhere with somebody, and put them on and let them get that exposure,” Anderson said. “The only way to get better in this business is two things—you gotta wrestle somebody every day that’s better than you, and you gotta wrestle every day.

“It’s reps. When I’m making my trip after the show, I have to be able to recap in my head what mistakes that I made, relive it. What would I have done? Have someone in the car that can advise you and go, ‘Hey, you might have done this here and there.’ When it’s fresh in your head, that’s how we learn, making trips, traveling to the next town. The main thing is wrestling consecutive days. That’s the way you’re ever going to get into ring shape and in the groove of learning the business, mechanics, psychology, connecting with the fans. All those things that are so important in becoming a star in this business.”

AEW is expected to announce more house show dates in the coming weeks.

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