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Joe Hendry Is A Worldwide Thing, He’s Basically In Charge Of The Internet As Digital Media Champion

Joe Hendry is racking up the sky miles because he’s a responsible champion.

IMPACT Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry spoke with Tom Hannifan on IMPACT’s Outside The Ropes about his grueling travel schedule. Hendry flies from Scotland to the United States a few times a month to be at IMPACT events, but he says he’s happy to do it because he can’t let the people down.

“It’s tough, Tom. It’s tough. But I can’t sit here and deprive an entire continent of Joe Hendry. That would just be irresponsible. So it’s like, I can’t just go ‘Oh, I’ll move to America, I guess I’ll just forget about Europe!’ I mean, c’mon, the song makes it very clear — Joe Hendry is a worldwide thing here,” Hendry said. “I take it as a responsibility to have my presence in Scotland, but also all across the UK and everywhere in the world, quite frankly. It’s tough, but it’s a responsibility and one that I enjoy.”

Hendry also spoke about what being Digital Media Champion means to him personally. Hendry says he feels like he runs the internet, and it’s a huge responsibility.

“It’s been amazing. You’re changing lives, Tom. It’s not just a pro wrestling match, it’s an experience. The power that I have to motivate and inspire people now that I’m the Digital Media Champion, it is something that I take very seriously,” Hendry said. “This belt basically says you’re in charge of the internet. You’ve got your Elon Musks and you’ve got your Jeff Bezos and all of that, and now you’ve got your Joe Hendry. It’s a lot of responsibility on my shoulder.”

Joe Hendry will defend his Digital Media Championship at No Surrender on February 24 against Dancing Moose.

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