WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results (2/21/23)

February 21, 2023

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

Trick Williams vs. Ilja Dragonov

On the way to the ring, Williams says he is here to prove that he can do more than talk. Trick Williams is going to orchestrate an ass-whooping. Dragonov and Williams take turns taking each other down. Williams misses a clothesline. Dragonov lights Williams up with a chop. Dragonov works a side headlock. Williams escapes and hits the ropes. Dragonov snaps Williams down with a judo throw. Williams boots Dragonov in the head.

Dragonov fires back with a few strikes. Williams sends Dragonov careening over the top rope. Dragonov hits the ring apron and lands awkwardly on the floor. JD McDonagh walks down to the ring. After the break, Wiliams hits his finish, but Dragonov kicks out. Dragonov counters Williams’ cyclone boot and hits a powerbomb. Dragonov destroys Williams with a diving elbow smash. Torpedo Moskau by Dragunov for the win.

Winner- Ilja Dragon

Backstage, Fallon Henley is leaving Jensen a voicemail. He apparently isn’t answering for anyone. Briggs walks in and says he isn’t getting in the middle of this. It was supposed to be Jensen’s big night, and Henley messed that up. Henley says she was coming from a good place. Briggs adds that she also messed up her tag team partner’s night. Henley doesn’t understand why Kiana James dragged this whole thing on. If the man was her brother, why didn’t she say so? Henley says she is going to apologize to Kiana James in person.

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Earlier today, Roxanne Perez interrupts Meiko Satomura’s training class. She wants to join in for the day. Perez is the only woman who lasts. Perez is utterly exhausted. She thanks Satomura. Satomura asks where she is going. That was just the warm-up.

In-Ring Segment: Tyler Bate

Bate gives the crowd his gratitude. He is going to take the NXT Universe on a mystical journey. Scisim interrupts. Gacy has his crew surround the ring while telling Bate that Scisim is a true family. They gave Thea Hail a glimpse of their vision. They will do the same for Bate. Ava Rayne says they are four roots on one tree. Before Scisim can attack, Chase U hits the ring.

The Dyad vs. Chase U

After an evenly competitive match, the Dyad hits Hudson with their finish while Chase is trying to save Hail from Rayne.

Winners- The Dyad

After the match, Hudson yells at Chase to let Hail grow up. Hail cries while saying this isn’t her fault.

Earlier today. Tony D’Angelo goads Von Wagner into a match.

Backstage, Drew Gulak says he left Hank Walker because he’s nice. He needs someone who is mean, nasty, and willing to break bones. That’s not Hank Walker. That’s Charlie Dempsey.

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