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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Jungle Boy Jack Perry Wins Final Burial Match At AEW Revolution

Jungle Boy Jack Perry paid his final respects to Christian Cage by beating him in a “Final Burial” match at AEW Revolution.

The months-long feud between Christian and Jungle Boy came to a head in a Final Burial match, a combination of a Casket Match and a Buried Alive match. Perry ended up beating Christian by throwing him in a casket after hitting a Con-chair-to on the stage.


Check out a recap of the match courtesy of our live coverage page below:

The Final Burial: Christian Cage vs. Jungle Boy Jack Perry

Cage and Perry take the fight to each other. The fight spills outside. Cage tries to run away into the crowd, but Perry chases him down. Back in the ring, Cage gains the upper hand and grounds Perry. “Jungle Boy” rallies with a dive to the outside and slams Cage into the steel steps. Cage trips Perry on the steel steps and he lands hard on the steps. The veteran whips Perry with his belt and chokes him with it.

Cage pulls some chairs out of the casket. Perry and Cage fight by the casket, and Christian hits a back body drop on the floor. Perry dives off the stage and lands on Cage. Cage kicks Perry below the belt and slams his head on the casket. He tries to close the lid, but Perry fights out. Cage hits the Killswitch on the floor. He goes for a Con-Chair-To, but Perry evades it. Cage chokes Perry with a shovel. Perry dodges Cage’s attempt to hit him with the shovel. He uses the shovel while he locks Cage in the Snare Trap. Perry blasts Christian with the Con-Chair-To. He puts Cage in the casket, closes the lid, and shoves the casket down to win the match.

Winner: Jungle Boy Jack Perry