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MJF: Who’s The Complete Package Like Me? Nobody.

MJF took his training for the Iron Man match against Bryan Danielson at AEW Revolution very seriously.

All Elite Wrestling‘s MJF spoke at the AEW Revolution post-show media scrum to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about his preparation for the Iron Man match against Bryan Danielson, Friedman detailed the insane training regimen that prepared him for that matchup.

“So my prep was absolutely insane, and I am not afraid to admit that I understood the task at hand when it came to facing ‘The American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson,” MJF said. “I am not gonna sit here and pretend that Bryan Danielson isn’t an absolutely incredible athlete. Because he is. Every single day, I’d wake up, 5 AM, I would take a cold plunge. I would then do fast cardio for 45 minutes. After that fast cardio, I’d go in a sauna for 30 minutes.

“After that sauna, I would take a shower. Not a cold shower, a normal shower. Then I would eat 12 ounces of oatmeal and 10-and-a-half ounces of white eggs, no yolk, and then I would go to the gym, and I would lift like a maniac. Then I would go on the StairMaster for an hour. I’m sure there are people at home who are watching this right now that think I’m bullsh*tting. But I’m completely dead serious.

“I have never been in better shape in my entire life. I feel I truly gave Bryan Danielson, I feel I was dragging him by his nose at points in that match. I think I exhausted Bryan Danielson. I also think I tapped out Bryan Danielson. Go figure. But in all sincerity, Bryan Danielson is hands down the toughest competitor I’ve ever been in the ring with, and I was fully aware that I had to do everything in my power to be perfectly ready for that match, and I think I most certainly was because I put on probably one of the best, if not the best, professional wrestling match, bell-to-bell, of all time.

“Once Bryan Danielson said that he want to do a 60-Minute Iron Man Match, I believe that was, 60 days ago? So yeah over two months ago… he said it about sixty days ago, every day, I was not exaggerating, that’s literally what I did every day. I was punishing myself. I would stay in that sauna until my lungs literally could not take it anymore.

“I would have it up to an absurd, absurd temperature, and I did StairMaster almost every day for an hour. I did very heavy lifting, as anybody can see that follows me on social media, I got up to the point that I was doing 150 dumbbell bench press flat. I’ve never been this strong, I’ve never had this much great cardio. I understood the task at hand.

“The task at hand was, I knew if I was wrestling Bryan Danielson, I’d be in for the fight of my life. I knew I had to go the devil versus the dragon, and that’s no easy feat, and I knew that I wanted to have the greatest exhibition in the history of our sport. Whether you people like me or not, and I could give a sh*t if you do, I don’t think anybody can pretend at this point that I’m not the most complete professional wrestler in the business today.

“Whether you like me or not, whether you agree with what I have to say or not. I just think it’s the god’s honest truth. Who’s this good on the mic? Who’s this good in the ring? Who’s the complete package like me? Nobody.”

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